about us

Foam Ecosolution Innovation was founded in 2022 with a mission to focus on innovative new technologies with the best and most complete core materials selection in the polyurethane foam industry.

We are encouraged by the belief that there is a beauty in finding things impossible to do and then doing them anyway. We do not want to fail, but we would feel worse about it if we did not even try. We have continuously challenged the traditional thought in formulation of rigid polyurethane (PU) foam materials, and, succeeded, by incorporating recycled materials in our core materials technology.  It is possible to obtain high strength, light weight, and cost-effective PU core materials; it is also possible to obtain simultaneously high impact resistance, virtually zero water absorption, high dimensional thermal stability, sound and thermal insulation.  These new formulations give us the greatest pleasure to present the Foam Ecosolution Innovation Portfolio, associated products and services offered by our Corporation for insulation construction industry.

We offer nearly all types of PU Foam materials with construction application:

The above materials have taken chemical recycling and PU foam formation technology over 10 years to become a reality – from initial and isolated laboratory prototypes to a reality of mass-produced parts & structures, serving customers globally. Foam Ecosolution Innovation technology has a wide range of use from commercial housing projects in British Columbia and Telecommunication Shelters  in Alberta to  mobile generator containers made in Canada for the worldwide movie industry,