Our Mission

Our mission is to provide advanced, accurate, and novel polyurethane foam insulation products to construction industry. Our novel PU foam products and our new approach in insulation industry improve our client’s businesses and facilitate society’s access to competitive, safe, sustainable products, and utilities. All our novel PU foam insulation products are made of recycled polyol materials; as results, sustainability is our number one priority throughout work. Our new generation of polyurethane foam insulation products by far have the highest thermal and mechanical properties in comparison to the current commercially available products. Our formulation for PU foam industry can greatly replace petroleum-based PU foam materials and it can greatly reduce waste and redirect scrap/waste PU foam from landfills. Reducing greenhouse gas emission is always our main attention throughout our projects.  

We contribute to generating wealth and employment, acting as a benchmark due to our firm commitment to excellence in research, development, engineering, and innovation, our dedication to serving clients, the development of our professionals, ethical principles, good corporate governance, social responsibility, quality, safety of our staff, and care for the environment.