Why Chose Us

At Foam Ecosolution, our top priority is to exceed our customers’ expectations by creating unique value. The corporate culture is to do our best in our daily work activities by doing everything with excellence. Furthermore, we are committed to environmental stewardship as a core value. Working to conserve resources helps to keep the planet plentiful. For this purpose, we recycle, reduce waste, and select sustainable resources whenever possible. The working environment at Foam Ecosolution Innovation is like the one of a big family. It is fundamental that in our group everyone is treated with respect and provided with excellent working conditions. For our suppliers, Foam Ecosolution works to create economic partnerships with local producers to ensure: fair trade pricing and excellent working conditions.

We are confident that our extensive experience will lend itself to any building construction application under consideration. Unlike other catalogues that list the full range of products available from a company beyond which nothing more can be had, ours is a starting point. Our complete product list is limited only by available materials and current technology. With your imagination, your product requirements, and our experience we can create new products with benefits answering your needs.

Foam Ecosolution Innovation has modern plant, located in British columbia, Canada. Our plant are equipped with efficient, large-scale, high-temperature and pressure polyurethane foam reactors, state art molding technology and other modern equipment required in such unit processes as equilibration, PU foam formulation, reaction optimization, foam formation, demolding process and quality control testing process.  In addition to allocating considerable development resources to the refinement and optimization of production techniques, which have resulted in a unique processing technology, we at Foam Ecosolution pay special attention to the national Canada construction building code and changing technological requirements of the construction industries we serve.

Our R&D and technical service laboratories are modernly equipped and staffed by chemists with many years of experience in diverse segments of the chemical processing industry. In addition, we have efficient pilot plant facilities available to produce special products (recycled polyol products from waste PU foam) for your experimental needs. We are proud of the quality of our products described here and application of recycled materials in our products. Most of our products are available from stock on short notice. However, we will gladly manufacture other products to minimum order. Many old problems related polyurethane foam industry may be solved with application of recycled PU waste foam into PU foam industry again. We welcome the opportunity to partner with customers, as we believe this results in the creation of the most formulator-friendly, cost-effective rigid insulation PU foam specialties.