Dr. Seyed Hamid Tabatabei

Founder, Director of Research and Development

Dr.Tabatabei  is a Professor and senior research scientist in the field of  waste management at the Islamic Azad University of Tehran, Iran. He holds a BSc from Tehran University in Applied Electrical Engineering, and obtained his MSc  in Mechatronics and PhD in Advanced Electrical Engineering-Waste Control & System  from the Islamic Azad University of Tehran, Iran. His area of research is material and polymer chemistry, with a focus on the production and development of novel materials from any recycled paper, plastic, and foam waste resources. He has designed and conducted several projects, which resulted in more than twenty scientific research publications. Hamid has a proven record of designing and performing research projects where he could control the extent and strength of intermolecular polymer interaction by employing the appropriate components to create the desired material for targeted commercial application. As the Director of Research and Development at Foam Ecosolution Innovation, Hamid’s focus is on reprocessing and recycling of polyurethane foam waste materials into value-added polyol products and formulating new generation of PU materials with insulation application.